A Piece of Musical History

The Residence Pipe Organ

Long ago, in the days when radio was a toy for amateurs and phonographs were still acoustic, if you wanted music in your house and were "of means", you bought a pipe organ. Since you didn't actually play, you made sure it came with an automatic player. You could then relax in the evening while the butler put on rolls of whatever kind of music you fancied.

The last playable historic residence pipe organ in the San Francisco Bay Area was in the Jackling house in Woodside. The house is now gone, but a large portion of the organ is preserved in storage. View the history of the organ. Click here to see pictures of the removal.

Music room

The Jackling music room in 1938 when the Kilgen organ installation was finished.
The Choir and Echo divisions are behind the wall to the left.
The Great and Swell chambers are behind the camera.

Music room

Looking South towards the Great and Swell chambers.

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